Friday, August 31, 2012

New Year ~ New Look

Here are some photos of my classroom.  I still have some things to put up and other things to put away.  But so far, so good.  I was fortunate enough to be able to add some color on two of my walls.  Wow - what a difference!

An idea I got from it!  I plan on changing it each month.  Perhaps I can get some student involvement!

My desk area.  Not finished yet...  ;)

Another idea I saw on Pinterest.  :)

Room Rules

The blinds on the windows are getting old....and have had their share of paint splatters and marks.   I knew I had to make it look better.  I figure if things start looking bad, the kids might not treat things as nicely.  Plus, the blinds were just four more huge blank spaces that needed something -- color!  So I painted on them using acrylic paints.  I also used sharpies for outlining and detail.

The numbers on the backs of the chairs are written on paint color sample cards.  (free!)

It's probably hard to see, but on the far right I have a paint can with "paint" flowing out of it towards the letters.  The "paint" colors are simply red, blue, and yellow plastic tablecloths I got from the dollar store.

I like to have something on the cabinets to show which belong to which hour.  This year I decided to take some cheap plastic palettes, paint the hour's number in the middle, then paint in each well.  I used acrylic paint.  They turned out well!  :)
Each cabinet with a numbered palette has storage bins inside.  The number represents the hour.  For example, 1 is 1st hour.  I love having this available for the kids.  It allows them to store their supplies without having to take it back and forth from their locker.

A basic clean-up list posted near the sinks....something new this year.  I plan on going over the procedures with the kids - but I 'm hoping that this might serve as a nice reminder when needed.

A few mini-paintings I made.  The letters are stickers.

I bought some Crayola whiteboard crayons...I think I'm going to like them!  They wipe off pretty easily.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New adventures!

So a new year is about to begin (after Labor Day weekend).....and I think I'm ready.  Well, almost ready.  ;) But I do feel refreshed and a bit eager to get back in to the swing of things.

I have been taking a class over the summer that has given me a lot of great ideas when it comes to classroom management.  I will share those once I have tried them out (good or bad!)

My room is being painted and I'm so excited - finally --- some COLOR in the Art room!  ;)  I will post pictures of the finished product...once I have it up and ready for our Open House in two weeks.  

Until then......enjoying the last bits of summer break while I have them.  Hope you are too!