Wednesday, March 13, 2013

2012-13 Art Show

This is the first year we were able to use the entire room (lecture hall) for our art show.  In years past we've had to share it with the annual book fair.  Even though that brought a lot of traffic in, I always felt like it wasn't quite a true art show.  We didn't find out until last minute that we had the whole room, but we did what we could and it turned out well.  I added something new -- a table with a "comment box" and another with a large sheet of color paper that parents, friends, etc. can doodle or write on!  :)


Attendance Book Tips and Tricks

I think I've finally come up with a good system for my attendance and records of pass usage.  We do our attendance online, but I still like to keep a handwritten copy.  It doesn't take long to transfer the attendance.

I created a binder with a section for each class period.  Each period is divided by a labeled and laminated page.  When you go to each hour you will see a seating chart with photos of the students.   Following this I have my attendance sheet with space to mark if a student leaves to go to their locker or office...or wherever.  It helps me keep better track of who is going where, how often, etc.

I also have binders for a sub, and another for discipline.


American Gothic -- A Parody

Interactive Drawings

Probably one of the most fun projects I've done this year.  A new one for me!  I was inspired by some images I found on Pinterest where the artist took a photo of a drawing and held it up in front of a live or pre-printed background.
We began by looking at some examples and then trying a few of our own.

The kids chose not to include their hand in the photo (holding the drawn image), however, I might have some try it next year. I think it might look better.   Also, I will work on shading and details with them.  A decent camera and printer is definitely necessary.




Edible Color Wheels

Using graham crackers and primary colored frosting (food coloring added), students worked in groups to create their own color wheel.  A fun "quiz" that they can eat when finished!