Sunday, February 17, 2013

Illuminated Letters

After a brief history of Illuminated Letters (using a PowerPoint slide show I made), students were asked to use one of their initials for a large design.  They had to use an interesting style (font) for their letter and include a border.  Some students used random patterns and designs, others used a theme.  The theme might have related to them personally, or related to another topic (i.e. the ocean, sports, etc.)
Here is an example of an old Illuminated Letter I show the kids:

Often, the artists applied a gold leaf paint to the design ----hence the term Illumination.  I purchase gold leaf marker pens.  The kids love it.  

Here are some finished products!  (Great start of the year project)

8th Grade Clay Projects!

This is how I set up the glaze "stations".  Students would get their glazes from me, but if they had left-over, or when they were finished, they would simply place their cup of glaze in to the labeled area.  Each day they came in, they knew where to look for their desired color(s).  It helped me to keep it organized.  The kids handled it really well.  Waste was not an issue.


I had a table in the front of the room with sample pieces so the kids could see what the colors will look like.

Illuminations - 8th grade

This project was done with colored pencils and 12x18 Pacon brand construction paper.  I have used both the Peacock and Tru-Ray and love them both.  The paper is super smooth and the colored pencils show up beautifully.
Prior to beginning this project we reviewed shading/value techniques.  Students were given a 1/2 sheet of black construction paper to practice creating a change in value with varying amounts of pressure on the colored pencil.  They practiced value scales, value "tornadoes" (my name for mini value scales starting dark to light), and making lines and shapes "glow".