Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tips & Tricks ~ Part 1 ~ Pencils

&      Pencils
§  Always a tough one.  It’s hard to believe that not all students will bring a pencil to an Art class.  It amazes me that even halfway through the year the kids can’t remember….even though they’ve had Art since the beginning!
§  I don’t mind providing the pencils; the problem is getting them returned.
I have tried several things:
$ A pencil and eraser container/stand at my desk with a sign-out sheet
$ Same as above, but with a fake flower attached to the top of each pencil (with green floral tape – easy to do!)  This makes it easy to see who has your pencils.
$ If you can afford it with your budget, order printed pencils with your name and school’s name on them.  The pencils that walk out of the classroom are always returned if another teacher finds or sees it. 
$ The “trade” method - I am not a big fan of taking one of the kids’ shoes in exchange for a pencil.  Granted, it does ensure that you get the pencil back, but I just don’t feel right about it.  I have them give me one of their books (school or personal reading), their backpack, student id, etc.  The only problem with this is – space.  Where to put all of these things and not have them in the way?!
$ Table bins – Placing a plastic bin on each table that contains 4 pencils and erasers.  You could also put a pack of colored pencils, a pair of scissors, etc.  I did try this and unless you are diligent about checking the bins everyday before they go, it gets messy.